‘Happy Together 3’ Yoona Plans to Visit Im Si Wan When He’s in the Military Service

Girls’ Generation Yoona said that she plans to visit Im Si Wan during his military service.

Image Source: KBS

In KBS2 TV ‘Happy Together 3’ aired on the 10th, SNSD became a guest star in the show. On that day Yoona was asked, “Do you promise to visit Im Si Wan during the military?”. Yoona and Im Si Wan starred in the drama ‘The King Loves’ together.

Yoona said, “While filming, I become close to the other actors. Even today we still often communicate after the filming. I promised Im Si Wan that I will visit him at the office during his military service. Now still at the training center, after the placement, I’ll go with the other actors (to visit him)”.

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