‘Save Me’ Ok Taecyeon and Seo Ye Ji Show A High School Student And A Teenager Persona

OCN’s weekend drama ‘Save Me’ features Ok Taecyeon and Seo Ye Ji’s visual in three years.

On August 6, the 2nd episode of the drama ‘Save Me’ featured Ok Taecyeon and Seo Ye Ji who became classmates at Mooji High School. He was involved in a school murder case with Seo Ye Ji’s twin brother. Seo Ye Ji’s twin brother, Im Sang Jin, experiences a sense of despair and rejects help from Han Sang Wan, both of them are experiencing an unexpected conflict.

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Meanwhile, after the death of Im Sang Jin the two are walking in a different destiny. In episodes 3 and 4 of the drama ‘Save Me’ which have been aired on August 12 and 13, it shows the two of them who are now over 20 years old. After three years later, the story of the two continues to grow and raise the audience’s expectation toward the story.

When Ok Taecyeon was still a high school student, he had a distinctive hairstyle with a uniform vest and tie. But in his 20s he showed his masculine side with a slightly shorter haircut.

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Seo Ye Ji made a visual transformation with her long wavy hair that featured her feminine side and has left her short haired bangs that she had in high school. Im Sang Mi shows a fearful, anxious and fragile side when she first meets the Mooji people. Let’s wait for the second story between Im Sang Mi and Han Sang Hwan that looks more serious than before!

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