‘School 2017’ 60 Minutes Full of Love, Spirits, and Twists

On August 15, the Monday-Tuesday drama from KBS2 ‘School 2017’ depicted Kim Hee Chan who attacked Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jung).

Eun Ho said she wants to give up against Kim Hee Chan, but at that moment Hyun Tae Woon (Kim Jung Hyun) continues to give her an encouragement. “I don’t see the strong you. You will not fight by yourself, you will not be alone”, said Hyun Tae Woon that makes Eun Ho happy. Eun Ho tries to protect herself, she tells Tae Woon “Don’t smile!” And feel embarrassed.

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Eun Ho boldly expressed her courage, in the school magazine inscribed deeds done Hee Chan. Seo Bo Ra who sees Hee Chan’s harsh attitude, refuses to testify before a school violence commission. Tae Woon persuades Bo Ra. The atmosphere at the school is on Eun Ho’s side, while Hee Chan assumes Dae Hwi is X. She tells Dae Hwi to find X.

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Finally, they hold trial from the school violence commission, Bo Ra arrives and shows a video of Hee Chan hitting Eun Ho. It proves that Eun Ho is innocent. After that Bo Ra meets with the friends who spread rumors of her being pregnant, “I was indeed dating Hee Chan. That’s why I know a lot about you. Should I tell you everything you’ve done”, Bo Ra said. Bo Ra’s courage gets the support from her classmates.

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At the end of the episode, Tae Woon convinces Eun Ho. Tae Woon performs in an X outfit and heads toward the auditorium for getting a threat message. But who appears before Hee Chan is not Tae Woon but Dae Hwi. “What if people know I’m X because of your threat?” Dae Hwi says. 60 minutes of thrilling and full of unexpected events. What kind of fate will X have?

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