4 Korean Celebrities Who Have Unique Allergies

Korean celebrities often look fresh and healthy and cheerful on television. But do you know that they have allergies that make their life not always look like on television? Their allergies are also fairly unique because it is an allergy that is almost never found in people generally. Here are Korean Celebrities who have unique allergies.

1. Jessica Jung

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Jessica has an allergy to cucumber. Reportedly this allergy is created from the dislike of Jessica to cucumber. If there is a cucumber around her, Jessica will immediately know from her sense of smell. Not only that, but Jessica is also allergic to fruits and vegetables similar to cucumbers like pumpkin.

2. Kim Yoo Jung

Image Source: ELLE

Kim Yoo Jung has an allergy to antibiotics. That’s why she cannot take medicine. She only relies on herbal medicines or waits until she recovers when she is sick. Often Kim Yoo Jung is hard to continue filming because she is really sick but cannot consume medicine.

3. Tiffany

Image Source: Beauty+

Tiffany also became one of the celebrities who have a unique allergy. She cannot eat nuts which make her have to avoid the food. When she eats nuts, she will experience shortness of breath and swell at the back of the neck.

4. Dasom ex Sistar

Image Source: Instagram

Dasom cannot get close to furry animals. Therefore, she cannot take care of any pet. When she is close to the furry animals, she will have difficulty breathing.