‘Strongest Deliveryman’ The Kind Ko Gyung Pyo That Steals the Viewers Attention

On August 18, in KBS 2TV’s drama ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 5 showed the interesting figure of Choi Gang Soo (Ko Gyung Pyo).

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In that episode, Choi Gang Soo struggles to catch Oh Jin Gyu who has left his sibling in a coma. Choi Gang Soo gathers all his friends and goes to look for proofs. That’s when the figure who has a good relationship with the other people is said to be the best one.

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Choi Gang Soo keeps chasing Oh Jin Gyu until he gets him, so the charisma of Choi Gang Soo is radiating very clearly from the TV screen. Even as he stood in front of Oh Jin Gyu’s car that drove toward him, he left a deep impression on the audience. Choi Gang Soo is faster than the police to arrest and punish Oh Jin Kyu who does not want to admit his mistake and attracts the attention of the viewers.

Meanwhile, Choi Gang Soo also extends his hand to help Lee Dan A (Chae Soo Bin) thus develops a good feeling. He has begun to help her earnestly to pay for the hospital fees. On a holiday, Choi Gang Soo cooks by himself and advises and entrusts Lee Dan A to deliver the food orders to the Han river park.

Ko Gong Pyo succeeded in making his figure to look warm and interesting so that his character is liked by people. Ever since episode 1, his charms have captivated the viewers thus garnering strong hopes for his character for the next episodes. In addition, a lot of attention is shown to Ko Gong Pyo who plays the character of Choi Gang Soo very well.

At the end of the episode 5, Oh Jin Gyu is finally sentenced. The question arises, what will be his next fate?

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