[RANK AND TALK] 3 Korean Actors or Actress Who Committed Suicide

Being an entertainer, actors carry a heavy burden to continue their works. They often decide to take a shortcut to solve the problem. One way is by committing suicide. Here are 3 Korean actors and actresses who ended their lives by committing suicide.

1. Jang Ja Yeon

Image Source : Instagram, KBS

The death of actress Jang Ja Yeon became public attention. Jang Ja Yeon was found dead hanging herself at her home on March 7th, 2009. According to police investigations, her death was due to suicide caused by clinical depression. Based on Jang’s records, she was depressed over her tortured manager Kim Sung Hoon and she was forced into contact with some important figures of the entertainment world. This case also dragged important names in Korea and also television producer. Jang Ja Yeon was known since starring in the drama ‘Boys Over Flower’.

2. Park Yong Ha

Image Source : KBS

Actor Park Yong Ha was a cast in the popular Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’. On June 30th, 2010, Park Yong Ha was found hanging himself using a cable at his home in Seoul, Korea. Park Yong Ha committed suicide because of depression facing cancer suffered by his father.

3. Kang Do Ri

Image Source : Instagram, KBS

Kang Do Ri reportedly suffered a tragic accident causing her to die on December 14th, 2015. However, investigation by local police revealed that Kang Doo Ri was not killed by accident, but she intentionally committed suicide. The drama ‘Sassy Go Go / Cheer Up’ became her last drama. She also had expressed her desire to die to one of her friends before death.