Kim Hee Sun Talks About Song Hye Kyo in Recent Interview

Actress Kim Hee Sun congratulated Song Hye Kyo on her marriage and gave an advice to her.

On the 19th, the weekend drama titled ‘Woman of Dignity’ has come to an end. Kim Hee Sun plays as Woo Ah Jin. Speaking about the life of chaebol, ‘Woman of Dignity’ earned a 10% rating and is listed as JTBC’s highest drama record. That day Kim Hee Sun talked about her close friend Song Hye Kyo in an interview.

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Kim Hee Sun revealed, “Before the wedding of Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, I asked about the dowry. Then Hye Kyo says she does not need anything. It is now a trend to simplify it. Because Hye Kyo is my best friend, I give her advice. It is important to show kindness and be kept away from material things. Then I said later that love (from in-laws) will come”.

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“It’s important to call your mother-in-law occasionally. Every other day and every day, just like that”, Kim Hee Sun shared the story. Meanwhile the ‘Woman of Dignity’ is a drama that tells about the lives of two people who have different desires. The drama has ended on the 19th.

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