‘Happy Together 3’ Kai EXO: “When We Were Still Trainee, Taemin Was Temperamental”

‘Representative of the Entertainment Industry’ SHINee’s Taemin SHINee and EXO’s Kai were in KBS ‘Happy Together 3’. Recently, the sexy dancer from the EXO group, Kai first appeared in a variety show program with no other members. He was filming with SHINee’s Taemin because of their similarity, in which both of them get great anticipation.

Image Source: KBS

That day, Taemin and Kai showcased the same skills, and revealed the interesting side of each other making everyone surprised. “When we were trainee , Taemin acted helplessly,” Kai said. Because I went to school first, I came home from school quickly. I was in the same year as Taemin and asked him to be friends. However, he told me to call him ‘hyung’ “, said Kai. “At that time, we decided to set up nicknames based on birth year” Taemin said. He also added “After that, he (Kai) speaks informally to me.” It made everyone laugh.

Image Source: KBS

However, Taemin and Kai showed their close friendship. Both performed a sexy performance on stage, but in the real world it has a nickname ‘magic hand’. Taemin also added, “I do not want to lose my handphone, I put it in my ears and in my pocket.” Kai gave great reactions every time his friend did something and made everyone laugh.

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