Can Lee Jong Suk Take Over the Box-Office From the Young Stars Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Seo Joon?

On August 23rd, actor Lee Jong Suk made a comeback with the movie ‘V.I.P’ in Chungmuro. Can Lee Jong Suk take over the box-office created by young stars Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Seo Joon?

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In this August, prominent young stars like Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Seo Joon are adorning the cinemas. Ryu Jun Yeol starred in the movie ‘A Taxi Driver’ and Park Seo Joon starred in the movie ‘Midnight Runners’.

Among them is Lee Jong Suk with the movie ‘V.I.P’ which aired on August 23rd. Following the previous film, the film also attracted a lot of audience attention. First of all, the audience’s curiosity has peaked, the film is ranked one in real-time, and surpasses the first rank of all time.

The film ‘V.I.P’ is the most important work for actor Lee Jong Suk. Back again to Chungmuro ​after 3 years, becoming a killer for the first time before following the military.

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Through this film, it is a great opportunity for Lee Jong Suk to strengthen his position in the film industry. Although this movie has been predicted to have a high rating, but not yet ascertained because it has not aired in theaters. The film ‘No Breathing’ and ‘Hot Young Bloods’, starring Lee Jong Suk, both achieved disappointing results.

But now it’s different. Lee Jong Suk appeared in the movie ‘V.I.P’. Lee Jong Suk plays VIP Kim Gwang Il who is a North Korean assassin. In this film, he plays a role that has never been played before.

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Despite playing the villain character, but he plays in the work of director Park Hoon Jung. This is an unusual role that creates a different image of himself. This is a part of his desire to remain as an actor.

In addition to Lee Jong Suk, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, Park Hee Soon and others will also be transformed to pamper the eyes of the audience.

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