Hyuna Makes A Comeback This Summer!

HyunA who represents the intensity of summer, has been expected to return as ‘Summer Queen’. On 29th, HyunA will release her sixth mini album ‘Following’. Previously, she also released teaser photo that raises the curiosity of the fans. In particular, close-up body pictures, such as eyes, neck, and lips, and the photographs of everyday feelings, seem to be a new attraction for HyunA. The concept that is in opposition to the red lips, and the adorable amateur admiration of the song, Bubble Pop! Makes her sexier. From the lyrics of the song, to the appearance and music of the video, HyunA gives a sexy impression as in ‘Red’. She also got 19 golds in the first place, making a confident and sexy concept for the song ‘Roll Deep’.

In the summer of 2017, it is expected that the music industry will have a more sexy atmosphere with the return of HyunA. HyunA’s new song ‘Bebe’ is a song where HyunA participated in the making of the lyrics and is known as the tropical pop genre dance song.

On the other hand, HyunA revealed an epic sexy image that gives a point to the red lips, and again showed the ‘hottest diva’ charm. This is HyunA’s sixth mini album that will be sexier with summer [Following]! The album will be released at 18.00 on the 29th.