‘Three Meals A Day’ Starring Park Shin Hye, Han Ji Min, and Seolhyun

Go A Ra, Park Shin Hye, BoA, Choi Ji Woo, Han Ji Min and Seolhyun. There’s more pleasure to see ‘Three Meals A Day’ again.

Image Source: tvN

The reality show ‘Three Meals A Days Sea Rance’ is starring Lee Seo Jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyung Sang. Once again they gathered after ‘Tree Meals A Days Fishing Village 3’.

In particular, Han Ji Min became the first guest in the episode of ‘Sea Rance’. Han Ji Min shows her secrets with her best friend Lee Seo Jin and Eric who worked together in the past. Although Han Ji Min feels uncomfortable, she does it well. Her beauty also attracts the public.

Image Source: tvN

In the event ‘Three Meals A Days’ a beautiful guest becomes a necessary character now. In the first season of ‘Three Meals A Days: Jeongseon Village 1’ Go Ara and Choi Ji Woo became the guest stars, each guest is starring in episodes 6 and 7 Jeongseon Village. In the episode ‘Jongseon 1’ both played together with Ok Taecyeon that invites the laughter of the viewers.

In 2015, ‘Jeongseon Village 2’ has starred Park Shin Hye, BoA, Kim Ha Neul, Choi Ji Woo and others. They not only show their cooking skills, but also help the farmers to complete their daily work. A beautiful guest in the ‘Three Meals A Days’ event keeps popping up to create an endless smile.

Image Source: tvN

Member girl group AOA Seolhyun has just completed filming the episode of ‘Sea Rance’. Seolhyun managed to draw attention to her beauty and was a guest on the ‘Three Meals A Day’ show and her appearance is highly anticipated by the audience.

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