5 Cafés Owned by Korean Artists

Being an entertainer alone may not be enough. These artists are trying to grow and develop their business in other fields. Sometimes culinary is one alternative. Considering Korean culture likes to drink coffee, some artist opened a café. Being famous, it is certainly not a problem to set up a café. Especially, they are loved by fans who come because they want to support the idol’s business. Here are 5 celebrities’ cafés in Korea.

  1. THE MIN’S – Changmin 2 AM
Image Source : SNS

Café owned by Changmin 2 AM is named ‘THE MIN’S’. Located in Apgujeong-dong area, Seoul, this place is famous for its convenience. Not only consists of coffee, cafe ‘THE MIN’S’ also provides juice from organic fruits. Drinks are packed with a large size. The café is also promoted in Japan and China.

  1. Aewol Monsant – GD Big Bang
Image Source : Jeju Tourism

Well this fashionista one does not want to lose in the matter of business. GD café is not in Seoul but Jeju. The design of the place really shows the personality of GD. Elegant and artful. In addition to enjoying coffee, we are also treated to a view of Jeju which is identical to the beach.

  1. Kona Beans – Leeteuk and Sungmin Super Junior
Image Source : Kona Beans

Super Junior personnel Leeteuk and Sungmin set up a café as joint venture. This café is located in Apgujeong and is managed by Leeteuk’s mother. Decorating the walls of this café featuring the face of this celebrity tablets.

  1. And Here – Seungri Big Bang
Image Source : SNS

The maknae also does not want to lose to the leader. Seungri Big Bang follow in the footsteps of his leader and set up a café. Appa YG never thought Seungri will become a successful entrepreneur with the personality he has today. Sure enough, Seungri café is somewhat successful. With the present nuance, the cafe is located in Dongsung-dong, Jongno. Once, Seungri served as a waitress there.

  1. A Twosome Place by 51k – So Ji Sub
Image Source : SBS, SNS

This café is often seen in the drama ‘Master’s Sun’. Apparently the owner of the café is a handsome actor who played in the drama. A Twosome is already famous. Moreover, this café has prominent characteristics. The elegant red black color instantly attracts tourists to visit it.