3 Stars Who Are Close With Their Fandoms, Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, and Ji Chang Wook

The existence of a star must be supported by the fans, the fans also see the daily life of the star.

Fans who are very considerate and positively support the star are usually gathered in a fandom. ‘We who raise our star’, from the appreciation or support of his idol called ‘cannon’ of belief, a term that is somewhat unfamiliar to ordinary people to be heard, but it is a fandom culture which starts from the idol.

However, this fandom culture is not the limit of the idols. The young actors who have appeared in recent years are also attracted by the fandom that show such active tendencies. The representative stars are Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, and Ji Chang Wook.

Park Bo Gum in 2015 appeared in the drama ‘Reply 1988’ which brings his popularity to go up even internationally. After that through the drama ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’, he adds to his popularity to not only appear in dramas or movies, he also gets love calls in various advertisements.

Image Source: KBS2

Then Park Seo Joon recently appeared in the successful movie ‘Midnight Runners’. Park Seo Joon through the drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, ‘She Was Pretty’, and ‘Fight for My Way’ earned him the title of ‘king of melodrama’ and received an active support from the young audience. Park Seo Joon’s popularity is not limited to the domestic market, but recently he attracted the attention of overseas fans because he announced that he would hold an Asian tour for the first time since his debut.

Image Source: Lotte Entertainment

Ji Chang Wook who has entered the military service on the 14th also cannot be missed. Ji Chang Wook through the drama ‘Empress Gi’, ‘Healer’, ‘The K2’, and ‘Suspicious Partner’ show a warm visual and proves himself to have powerful acting force and attracts the attention of young audiences. In the midst of enjoying the heyday of his life, the news about his registration is unfortunate, but his fans are still waiting for his appearance after he finished his compulsory duty later.

Image Source: SBS

These three actors have something in common, the fact that they have a fandom and they are close to their respective fandom. These fans not only communicate directly with agencies, but also communicate with them, and provide support and opinions for the actors, and send quality news and press releases written systematically to each media.

It is very impressive that the drama and film industry has spread to the fandom culture which can only be seen in the music industry. It is also natural that the future of three actors with their active fandom is expected to grow in the future.

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