3 Korean Artists Who Have Twins

  1. Kim Junsu (JYJ) & Kim Junho
Image Source : Bite Magazine

Although both of them are singers, they debuted at different tim. Kim Junsu turned out to debut first. Then after four years, Junho followed him in the music industry. The twins were born on January 1st, 1987.

  1. Daeryong dan Soryong
Image Source : Spectacular

The two belong to the same group Tasty. This group is the first to have male twins in South Korea. Although often wearing different hairstyles and clothes, it is still difficult to distinguish this twin.

  1. Luna f(x) & Park Jin Young
Image Source : Instagram

Many people do not know if one of f(x)’s member has a twin. After uploading her photo on SNS with her twin, many new fans know Luna has a twin sister.