Ji Chang Wook Who Is In Military Service, Meets fans with a ‘Suspicious Partner’ Airing in Japan

Actor Ji Chang Wook shows Hallyu’s popularity even after entering military service.

Ji Chang Wook’s last drama before entering the army was the SBS drama ‘Suspicious Partner’, which recently decided to be featured in KNTV, a channel specializing in Hallyu. The first episode of the drama will be released on October 12 and will be aired officially from November.

Image Source: SBS

Through this, Ji Chang Wook will continue to be popular among Japanese viewers until the end of the year, following the drama ‘Empress Gi’ which is currently broadcasted on Japan’s terrestrial TV Tokyo TV.

‘Suspicious Partner’ gets high interest not only from domestic fans but also from Japanese fans after the broadcast begins. As Ji Chang Wook’s military service was scheduled, his attention was focused on his desire to act in his latest work. Moreover, this drama is a genre of romantic comedy that was challenged for the first time since getting attention as KBS 2TV ‘My too Perfect Sons’ in 2009, so people hope for a high transformation. Ji Chang Wook has revealed his masculinity through ‘Healer’ and ‘Empress Gi’ which have been broadcasted in Japan for a while.

Image Source: SBS

KNTV also quickly decided to broadcast before losing the ‘fan-hearts’, and then introduced it through the homepage, “Ji Chang Wook who played an active role in drama and action shows comedic romance and acting.” At the time of domestic broadcast, Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun were talked about because of their great romance on screen.

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