7 Most Important Points For You Who Travel to Korea For the First Time

Want to go to Korea but confused what you must do or avoid while being there? This is the 7 most important things which you should do if you go to Korea later, let’s take a look!

1. Don’t Travel Alone

In a new place with a different language, don’t go alone. Though you claim to be an independent person who can travel anywhere on by yourself, if this is your first time, I suggest you to go there with your friends. Going together with your friends is more fun too!

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2. Book Your Hotel Beforehand

You must book your accommodation or hotel first before going to Korea. So that when you arrived in Korea, you will have your first destination which is the hotel.

3. Make the list of the places you want to visit and prepare Korean Money (Won)

Make the list of the places you want to visit in Korea beforehand! Don’t make it when you are already in Korea, it will take your time. So, when you arrived in Korea, you will already be ready and your holiday time becomes much more effective. Don’t forget to exchange your money with Korean money (won).

4. T-Money and Seoul Tourist Map Should Already Be in Your Hands

Later on, when you arrive at Incheon Airport, and pass through the immigration, you must approach the information center to pick up the “Seoul Tourist Map”. It provides the complete information about the transportation in Korea. Because in Korea, we have to get used to walking.

To go to the list of places that have been made, we will use the subway and bus.

Well to be able to ride this subway, you need a card known as T-Money. This card can be bought at the nearest supermarket inside Incheon Airport. T-Money also needs to be filled with some money for travel needs by train or bus. Before leaving the airport, this card should already be in your hands.

5. Bring Enough Money, Even Better If You Bring More Than Enough

Of course, this is for your own sake during your life there. Food and beverage prices are different from Indonesia. The author believes in addition to vacation, you will buy many items. Especially for the girls. Cosmetics is the main thing that must be bought while in Korea. So prepare more than enough money.

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6. Remember, Korean Clocks are Very Different From Indonesia

Although two hours apart with Indonesian time, that is not a reason to wake up late. In Korea even though it’s still at 12 noon, the air is cold. So don’t think that it’s still early at 6 o’clock. Make the best of your time. Get up early and get to your destination soon. Don’t forget the breakfast too.

7. Do not Come To Airport Late When Returning

When you are using subway transportation, you should pay attention to the time. Make sure you won’t be late coming to the airport from the hotel. Calculate carefully so you won’t miss your flight!

Happy holiday, hopefully, these important points will be useful for you!

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