‘Hospital Ship’ Has Got 2 Digits Rating Since Its First Airing and Ranked First For Wednesday-Thursday’s Drama

Drama ‘Hospital Ship’ ranked in first place for the category of Wednesday-Thursday’ drama.

Image Source: MBC

On the 31st, based on Nielsen Korea research firm, MBC ‘Hospital Ship’ drama broadcast on the 30th night earned a 10.6% and 12.4% national rating. The previous drama, ‘Man Who Dies to Live’ in its first airing got a 9.1% rating and managed to show its best performance by achieving the highest rating of 14.0%.

‘Hospital Ship’ is a medical drama which tells about doctors’ with their respective stories while doing medical activities in a ship. They need to communicate with people on an island who have lack of infrastructure in the area. When performing medical activities, the doctors show their sincerity and persistence.

On the episode of ‘Hospital Ship’ that day, Song Eun Jae (Ha Ji Won) and Kwak Hyeon (Kang Min Hyuk) met for the first time and the story began with Song Eun Jae’s story.

Image Source: SBS, KBS

In the same airing time, SBS’s drama ‘Reunited Worlds’ got a rating of 5.4% and 6.8% while KBS ‘Manhole’ drew a 2.0% rating.

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