Can Sulli Gain Recognition as A Real Actress Through Her Bed Scene in ‘Real’?

Sulli returns as actress Choi Jin Ri and attracts public attention through her new movie, ‘Real’. In this film, Sulli plays the role of Song Yoo Hwa, a therapist who will treat Kim Soo Hyun. In order to deepen her character, Sulli comes to a therapist every day to pay attention to how they work. The public is looking forward to Sulli’s acting development. On May 31st, the movie ‘Real’ released still cuts of Sulli’s character, wearing red dress and lipstick.

Image source: K STAR

Reportedly, Sulli’s hot bed scene also shocked many people. Sulli tries bed scene for the first time in this movie. The production team expressed their gratitude to Sulli who keeps trying to perform her best acting in a difficult scene. Can Sulli gain recognition through her hot scene in ‘Real’? We will continue to support Sulli’s move as actress Choi Jin Ri.