Song Hye Kyo Gives Her Support To Moon So Ri’s Debuting As A Director

Song Hye Kyo showed her support for Moon So Ri with her movie ‘The Running Actress’.

Actress Song Hye Kyo uploade a photo on September 15th at her SNS with caption, “Wow, cool” in the movie poster of ‘The Running Actress’.

Image Source : Instagram

‘The Running Actress’ is Moon So Ri’s debut as a director, and there are many things to see like the number of trophies Meryl Strip has, a harmonious family and others. This is a work that puts the reality of a middle actress who debuts at the age of 18 without any offer for the desired role, even though she has everything that other people do not. The film was release on the 14th and is currently being played on cinema and became a best-seller.

Song Hye Kyo will hold her wedding ceremony with Song Joong Ki on October 31st.

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