Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri Confirmed to Be in ‘Two Cops’

MBC’s new Tuesday-Wednesday drama  ‘Two Cops’ confirmed Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri as the main actors, and it has gained much attention from outside in any broadcast industry with great lineups which is expected to be the best drama in the second half of the year.

‘Two Cops’ which will air in November is a fantasy investigation romance drama that tells of a detective and socialist reporter who have a mysterious character.

Image Source : Culture Depot Co, ELLE

Jo Jung Suk will play two characters, as Cha Dong Tak’s detective and the deceiving spirit that infiltrated his body named Gong Soo Chang. Among the criminals and gangsters, the talented Cha Dong Tak will also play Gong Soo Chang whose character is 180 degrees different. Changes in color and acting are expected to be back into hits drama.

Hyeri plays the role of Song Ji Ahn, a new reporter in Akbari’s social section seeking justice. For the sake of a cover story for Song Ji Eun, a character played by Hyeri, she was sent to the police station. Of course one of the important articles will be missed by journalists who have a dislike of the police press room and will give fantasy energy to the role of Jo Jung Suk as Cha Dong Tak and Gong Soo Chang.

In the body of the detective, there is a spirit of deceitful penetration,  and the two souls are working together to investigate. ‘Two Cops’ presents a unique and fresh story. The twopeople do not match each other yet have to work together for justice. This is expected to give pleasure to the audience.

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