Time to Fall in Love With Just A Stare! EXO’s Sehun Shows His Mature Aura

EXO’s youngest member Sehun has transformed into the god of autumn.

Image Source: SuperELLE

On the 13th, EXO’s official instagram account wrote a caption “Behind the scenes of Sehun photo shoot as the first issue of Chinese magazine ‘SuperELLE'” while posting some photos of the results of the photo shoot.

Image Source: SuperELLE

In the behind the scene photos, Sehun looks amazing with his focused gaze.

Sehun looks perfect with different types of costumes concept from white to bright red color, showing the autumn atmosphere.

Image Source: SuperELLE

In another photo, he posed while staring at the camera and his gaze gave the feeling of a mature adult.

Especially the aura that Sehun has, made us cannot let go of the slightest view, and he makes the hearts of the fans pounding to look at the sight.

Image Source: SuperELLE

Meanwhile, he is currently active with EXO activities that just released a fourth repackage album entitled ‘The Power of Music’.

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