‘While You Were Sleeping’ Lee Jong Suk Transformed Into A Sexy Prosecutor

SBS Wednesday-Thursday drma ‘While You Were Sleeping’ featured Lee Jong Suk who started working as a prosecutor earnestly and radiated the charm of a serious working man. However, with the appearance of Lee Jong Suk with the blazing eagle’s eyes, he was stuck with the supervision of his fellow prosecutor, causing laughter to the viewers.

Image Source : SBS

On the previous episode, Jae Chan showed a cool image of a man who has no clue on the partner relations (among the youngest prosecutor from each department). He is a college junior, but he lectured his senior Shin Hee Min. He refused coldly to Lee Yoo Bum’s lawyer who invited him to dinner until he got a cold stare from Park Dae Young’s supervisor.

Especially, Jae Chan was stared with the gaze of laser light in the examination room against the suspect. This is the appearance of a professional who could not look stiff. But the co-workers who saw it instead of the suspect has made the audience curious.

Image Source : SBS

In addition, the still-cuts showing Jae Chan sitting in a corner and staring at the small paper quitely with a great fashion style. Jae Chan raised his curiosity as he stared at the paper with a depressed look, leaning against the wall.

‘While You Were Sleeping’ party said, “On episodes 5 and 6 on Wednesday night, prosecutor Jae Chan who had dinner with his partner will air.” Not only Jae Chan’s cool looks, the audience can also see other different sides of him.

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