5 Best Korean Lip Tints That You Should Try

The lip tint trend seems to have not faded and even getting more popular. Especially after Korean and male artists are seen using lip tints in dramas, music shows, and variety shows. Lip tint that does not contain wax as in lipstick and lip cream is believed to provide a long lasting effect, not too matte, and gives a natural result. Because of this, don’t be surprised if lip tint has become the choice of many people as a lip color especially for everyday use. Here are 5 best lip tints that CastKo recommends for you!

1. Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint

Image Source: Tony Moly

This one is famous for its pigmentation. When applied once, the color is very clear. There are 3 color choices for this product, #1 Cherry Pink, #2 Apple Red, and #Orange Chacha. Like other types of lip tint, it can be used to form gradients or for full lips. The final result is matte but still looks natural. Then, this lip tint is quite durable and its application is very easy. Reportedly, this product is a favorite product of Korean students there! You can get Tony Moly Delight Lip Tint with a fairly cheap price around 38 thousand rupiah.

2. MAMONDE Highlight Lip Tint

Image Source: Vatgia

The product from Mamonde is starting to boom thanks to actress Park Shin Hye in the drama ‘Doctors’. There are 10 color choices from pink, orange, dark red, to the berry color, and the most famous one is the number 6 Pin Spot. The texture of this lip tint is thick and oily like lip gloss, and the color intensity is also high so it does not need to be applied many times. The result of the color will become even natural when it has been applied for a while. The price is around 132 thousand rupiah.

3. Peripera Water Lip Tint

Image Source: Peripera

Lip Tint from Peripera has a very adorable packaging. It comes in 5 colors, #1 Cherry Juice, #2 Pink Juice, #3 Orange Juice, #4 Mandarin Juice, and #5 Candy Juice. The content of fruit essence makes the lips seem more healthy, fresh, and moist. Because the texture resembles water, this lip tint will be sheer on the lips. It is a matte lip tint because the product is well absorbed. To get a good result, you’ll want to apply lip balm first. The price is around 79 thousand rupiah.

4. It’s SKIN Baby Face Oil Drop Tint

Image Souce: Itsskincanada

Lip tint from It’s SKIN is perfect for you who have dry or cracked lips because it moisturizes well. The concept is quite unique because this product can be pigmented or sheer. You just need to shake the packaging if you want a bright and pigmented color, and vice versa you can let it sit first to get a thin and glossy result. You can get Baby Face Oil Drop Tint at a price of about 115 thousand rupiah.

5. Etude House Rosy Tint Lips

Image Souce: Etude House

Finally, CastKo recommends a lip tint from Korea’s leading brand, Etude House. This product has beautiful colors that are inspired by roses. It has a soft creamy texture, this product has a package that seems cute and very girly. There are 8 color choices that you can choose from pink, red, to orange. Unlike the above products, this product is not used from the lid, but need to be pressed to remove the contents. The results are rather matte and durable. The price of this lip tint is about 79 thousand dollars.

Which one do you think is the best lip tint?