The Press Conference of Go Soo and Kim Joo Hyuk’s New Movie, ‘Tooth and Nail’

During the press conference of their movie, the main cast of ‘The Tooth and the Nail’ movie, Go Soo, revealed co-staer Kim Joo Hyuk’s excessive trait. Ex-member of 2 Days 1 Night who’s well known with his nickname ‘Gu Tae Hyung’, Kim Joo Hyuk, is playing an antagonist character in this movie, in which he did a lot of action scenes to make his portrayal of the antagonist Nam Do Jin perfect.

Image source: K STAR

What does Joo Hyuk think of his action scenes? “When I had to do the action scenes I even thought, ‘Wah, it’s so hard to make money, I even have to do something like this’. But now all I think about is ‘Wah, Nam Do Jin’s body is so strong’.”

Image source: K STAR

Go Soo also shared a little tid bit about Kim Joo Hyuk. “He likes to exaggerate (make things bigger than it is),” said Go Soo, surprising Kim Joo Hyuk and another cast, Park Sung Woong.

‘The Tooth and the Nail’, starring Go Soo and Kim Joo Hyuk, will be released on May 9.