Kim Rae Won Confirmed To Play In Wednesday-Thursday Drama ‘The Black Knight’

Actor Kim Rae Won will be the cast in KBS’s drama ‘The Black Knight’.

On September 30th, Kim Rae Won’s agency said that Kim Rae Won has accepted the drama proposal ‘The Black Knight’.


‘The Black Knight’ is a fantasy romantic drama about a man who receives a dangerous fate for love. Kim Rae Won was suggested to be the main character in the drama ‘The Black Knight’.

When Kim Rae Won appeared in the drama ‘The Black Knight’, he will return to greet fans to the screen after a year and a half ago appearing in the SBS drama ‘Doctors’.

‘The Black Knight’ will air in October to replace the drama ‘Mad Dog’.

Meanwhile, Kim Rae Won’s film ‘RV: Resurrected Victims’ will air on October 12th.