Park Bo Gum and Ko Kyung Pyo Travel Together to America and Canada

Park Bo Gum and Ko Kyung Pyo were seen traveling to America and Canada.

Starting from September 29th, a fan released travel pictures of Park Bo Gum and Ko Kyung Pyo together in SNS featuring their warm interaction while traveling together.

Image Source: SNS

One international community discussed, “I saw two handsome guys on a backpacking trip in Time Square, New York. It’s Park Bo Gum and Ko Kyung Pyo.” Another community said,”I got his autograph when I met in Niagara Falls”, she said they saw both of them in Canada and the United States in the border area and they revealed the evidence they got.

Some netizens said, “Both are very tall and handsome but we do not recognize them as Korean celebrities, they are really handsome.”

They both showed great friendship. Starting from the movie ‘Roaring Currents’, and ‘Runway Cop’ both performed together and continued with the drama ‘Reply 1988’. In addition, PD Na Young Seok of ‘Youth Over Flowers’ said they have such a great friendship even outside the drama.


Image Source: SNS

Recently, Ko Kyung Pyo conducted a drama interview for ‘Stronget Deliveryman’ and said, “I keep in touch with the ‘Reply 1988’ family. Park Bo Gum is a respectful brother. He’s really good. Though he is younger than me he always takes care of me. Park Bo Gum is busy with college life lately. But we always keep in touch”, expressing his affection.

In addition, “I went abroad during Chuseok holidays”, he said. “I am very happy. I left without having to think about work. I have time to look back and fill my own free time.” He is on a backpacking trip with Park Bo Gum.

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