‘While You Were Sleeping’ Kim So Hyun Becomes A Great Cameo With Her Beauty and Amazing Acting Skills

Actress Kim So Hyun made an appearance as a high school student and a pianist, and she showed amazing acting performance in ‘While You Were Sleeping’. Kim So Hyun played in an important episode and her presence cannot be forgotten. On the 28th, in Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ episodes 3 and 4, Kim So Hyun appeared as a school pianist who are friends with Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) younger sister named Jung Seung Won.

Image Source : SBS

Kim So Hyun plays the role So Yoon, a person whose life is full of luxury and envied by many students, but in fact she is just a teenager who loses a smile because of the violent acts committed by his father to his mother. So Yoon is a piano player whose name and face is in newspaper and tv. During a piano concert, the mother who gets rough treatment from his father fell, Seung Won’s long-standing appearance of So Yoon added to the tension of the story.

So Yoon and Seung Won become an important part of the episode and added to the curiosity of viewers. Kim So Hyun, who played So Yoon’s character, showed great acting skills and her beauty to the viewers making the drama more memorable.

Image Source : SBS

The production team of ‘While You Were Sleeping’  who keeps on good terms with Kim So Hyun said that she is a good example as a special cameo with impressive acting and beauty. Attention focused on So Yoon’s transformation. People are interested in what kind of performances Kim So Hyun will show through So Yoon, her acting and presence can be seen on ‘While You Were Sleeping’ episodes 5 and 6 airing on October 4th.