Lee Jong Suk Has Raised SBS Rating Through ‘I Can Hear My Voice’, ‘Pinocchio’, and ‘While You Were Sleeping’

Lee Jong Suk once again gave victory to SBS.

On October 5th, the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ topped the Wednesday-Thursday drama competition with a rating of 7.95 and 8.9%. Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) and Nam Hong Ju (Suzy) were kissing in the dream and they are getting closer to making the rating increased. While MBC drama ‘Hospital Ship’ had to fall to second place with a rating of 7.1% and 8.3%.

Image Source : SBS

Lee Jong Suk’s acting in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ has great appeal. Lee Jong Suk who plays Jung Jae Chan shows a charming charm, while Suzy who plays as Nam Hong Jo shows amazing and beautiful charm. Jung Jae Chan who iss slowly showing his affection towards Nam Hong Ju makes viewers impatient with their love story. On the episode on October 5th, featuring Nam Hong Joo who wanted to kiss Jae Chan, while Jung Jae Chan coolly refused to kiss Nam Hong Ju while smiling. Lee Jong Suk makes a strong character but viewers wait for his gentle and warm side in the future.

Image Source : SBS

In fact, Lee Jong Suk is a treasure for SBS. Lee Jong Suk debuted in 2010 with the drama ‘Princess Prosecutor’. In the drama ‘Secret Garden’ he acted as a gay who does not make a big impact. In 2013, Lee Jong Suk played in the drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ and he dazzled many viewers with his ability to read other people’s minds. The process of meeting him with Lee Bo Young who believes in solving his problems and love stories and special abilities made viewers love this drama. The drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ received the highest audience rating of 24.1% and was a box office success. In the drama ‘Pinocchio’ Lee Jong Suk has a relationship with Park Shin Hye and earned first place in episode 6 and finished first until the end of the episode. In SBS drama, Lee Jong Suk has set a record by earning first place with a high audience rating.

Image Source : SBS

Lee Jong Suk’s magic managed to replace the drama ‘Hospital Ship’ played by Ha Ji Won from the first position in just two weeks. For SBS, it’s great for an actor to win consecutively.

People are wondering whether Lee Jong Suk can retain the viewer’s first rating position with the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’.