[RANK AND TALK] Makeups of 3 Beautiful Actresses That Look Glamorous

The glamorous image is attached to the following beautiful actresses. Thanks to the characters in the drama and their passions, they radiate the impression of glamorous in every appearance. Who are they? Let’s look at the following reviews.

  1. Jun Ji Hyun
Image Source : Cosmopolitan

Everyone agrees the artist who is now pregnant with her second child, always looks beautiful and young. Her face looks completely not aging. Cheon Song Yi’s character in ‘My Love From the Star’ looks amazing. Jun Ji Hyun always looks graceful and glamorous with only a simple makeup. At tCosmopolitantan magazine shoot, she looks elegant and luxurious with dark eye makeup and vampire red lips.

  1. Kim Tae Hee
Image Source : Instagram, Instyle

Black clothes seem to be the key to a glamorous appearance. The same thing happened with Kim Tae Hee. The actress who married Rain in January is awaiting the birth of her baby. Kim Tae Hee’s looks like a youthful princess. Since her debut in 2001, Kim Tae Hee seems to have not aged or get wrinkles at all. Although the makeup does not seem excessive, the impression of luxury is seen from her elegant appearance.

  1. Lee Sung Kyung
Image Source : SURE, 1st LOOK

Starting her career as a model, Lee Sung Kyung started rising after starring in ‘Cheese in the Trap’. Lee Sung Kyung always looks good in any concept. Light or heavy makeup looks food on her beautiful figure. She realized that her lips were the main attraction of her face. Lee Sung Kyung uses lipstick with bright colors to accentuate her lips. While in the photoshoot for SURE magazine, her makeup is more highlighted on the eyes and the use of nude color lipstick.

Among the three actresses, who looks the most glamorous?