Kim Jae Wook’s Transformation From Being A Psychopath Killer Into A Sweet Gentleman

Actor Kim Jae Wook made his debut as a model and is now an actor with a distinctive and sexy nature.

Image Source: SBS

With his acting skills, in the latest SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’, Kim Jae Wook plays an independent businessman named Park Jung Woo.

Kim Jae Wook shows a romantic story with Seo Hyun Jin and makes a bromance with Yang Se Jong. Hyun Soo has been rejecting drama proposals for 5 years, but Jung Woo shows a passionate romance with Hyun Soo.

Image Source: MBC

In 2007, Kim Jae Wook played in MBC’s drama ‘Coffee Prince’ with a role as No Seon Ki, a sexy man. Because he acted as a good character burning waffle, then he is called the ‘waffle song’. Kim Jae Wook made a strong impression by portraying the unique character of an innocent man and making poetry for a woman.

In the popular drama OCN ‘Voice’, he received praise from viewers by acting as Mo Tae Goo, a psychopath. Kim Jae Wook has been known for his special performances that show a strong presence in the middle of this season.

Image Source: OCN

Kim Jae Wook turned into a romantic young businessman. Although in a short period of six months, he played a completely different character with skill and assurance.

Kim Jae Wook knows how to act as a villain and even as a sweet gentleman.

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