Shin Hye Sun, Born From ‘School 2013’ – Became The Youngest Daughter and Received Golden Ticket

Many people have paid attention to actresses who later became top stars after playing in the drama ‘School’ series. Shin Hye Sun, starring in KBS’s weekend drama ‘My Golden Life’ has done both, after 4 years of debut, she officially became one of the trusted actresses.

Image Source : KBS

She made her debut through the drama ‘School 2013’. Shin Hye Sun started stealing attention after starring in KBS2’s weekend drama ‘Five Enough’ which aired last year as the last princess. ‘My Golden Life’ is her first drama in which she played the main character.

The drama that she played as the main character consists of 50 episodes. Shin Hye Sun who has never played a leading role performed better than expected.

Image Source : KBS

Shin Hye Sun plays as Seo Ji Ahn, a woman who has a chance to succeed but fails. Due to the difficult circumstances, Shin Hye Sun expressed her incredible depression. If at the beginning she is a chaebol who then turned into a different person 180 degrees, on the 8th in episode 12, she realized a shocking secret and impressed her audience with her acting.

‘My Golden Life’ managed to achieve a 30% rating thanks to the rapid development of the story and Shin Hye Sun’s acting power that are not disappointing. For the remaining 38 episodes ahead, it is expected this drama can reach 50% rating. The development of Shin Hye Sun’s acting is increasingly anticipated.

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