‘20th Century Boy and Girl’ Han Ye Seul and Kim Ji Suk’s Chemistry Shows A Very Emotional Start

On MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘20th Century Boy and Girl’ episodes 1-4, depicted the reunions of Sa Jin Jin (Han Ye Seul) and Gong Ji Won (Kim Ji Suk).

On that day, Sa Jin Jin returned to Korea after finishing her schedule in Hong Kong. There were many reporters waiting for her because Sa Jin Jin got a rumor regarding sex scandal. Sa Jin Jin who has not heard about the rumor was embarrassed and then surrounded by reporters.


Image Source : MBC

Gong Ji Won came in to replace Sa Jin Jin. Gong Ji Won, who was on the same plane with her, grabbed Sa Jin Jin’s hand and hid her behind his back. Sa Jin Jin was shocked to see Gong Ji Won’s face. Gong Ji Won safely took Sa Jin Jin to his car.

Sa Jin Jin disguised as a chicken delivery guy to avoid reporters in front of the house and met Gong Ji Won again. Sa Jin Jin pressed the doorbell on the house which turns out to be Gong Ji Won’s house. Gong Ji Won did not seem to recognize Sa Jin Jin because of her helmet.


Image Source : MBC

When Sa Jin Jin was treated in obstetrics and gynecology clinics, Han Ah Reum’s visited her and Sa Jin Jin was rumored that she is pregnant. Gong Ji Won distributed a video of a junior who recorded Sa Jin Jin while in Hong Kong.

However, Sa Jin Jin’s agency representative  asked PD to send the video. At that time, Sa Jin Jin said that she never had a love affair, revealing that she never dated at all. Thanks to Gong Ji Won’s steps, Sa Jin Jin managed to prove her innocence.

Gong Ji Won who meets Sa Jin Jin in the elevator asked, “You never dated?” Sa Jin Jin got confused and did not answer because she wondered why Gong Ji Won asked that in the first place. Then Gong Ji Won once again asked her, “Why do you never date?” as he smiled meaningfully.

Image Source : MBC

There was a reason why Gong Ji Won smiled. After recalling their past, they also once kissed in the elevator during school days.

The story of Sa Jin Jin and Gong Ji Won went well. In particular, the attitude, attention, and love of Gong Ji Won towards Sa Jin Jin was gently portrayed. Their sweet chemistry has been shown in the first episode, and the hope for future melodrama is expected to increase.


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