Seven O’Clock and Kim Seulgi Donated With Their Talents, How’s Their Chemistry?

Group Seven O’Clock and Kim Seulgi participated in a donation with their talents for African children’s dreams. Seven O’Clock is currently in preparation for a new album and Kim Seulgi is still preoccupied with other activities after the drama [Lookout] finishes airing.

They gathered together to do School Campaign for African children.  With the song [Shining Star] Seven O’Clock and Kim Seulgi want to collect a lot of hope. “This song is very good and I really like it. So I will try to sing it well so that the listeners will feel comfortable to hear this song”, said Seulgi.

Seven O’Clock also shared their thought, “We’ve listened to Kim Seulgi’s voice in various media, and we love her voice. We are now collaborating together and thanks to Kim Seulgi who is willing to contribute her voice to our song”. Kim Seulgi feels like they are her little brothers. Seven O’Clock and Kim Seulgi have a siblings-like relationship! All funds gained from this [Shining Star] song campaign will be donated to school campaigns.