The Birthday Girl Suzy Presented A Special Gift For Fans

Suzy celebrated her 24th birthday and prepared a gift for her fans. Suzy danced, sang and showed aegyo, making her fans happy. On the 10th, Suzy held a fan meeting titled ‘Suzy’s Attic’. In Suzy’s birthday, fans’ requests have come true.

Image Source : V LIVE

Suzy repeated Nam Hong Joo’s (Bae Suzy) aegyo  in the drama she plays ‘While You Were Sleeping’. In addition, she also showed aegyo ‘Save In My Mind’ and ‘Gashina’ which are currently popular among idols. She danced with a song in her solo album titled ‘Yes No Maybe’, and sang “While You Were Sleeping” OST titled ‘I Love You’. She chose Bolbbalgan4’s ‘Some’ as the song she likes best nowadays.

That day, Suzy also revealed about the renewal of her contract with JYP Entertainment, as a singer she also showed her determination. In addition to singing live ‘Pretend’, Suzy also performed I.O.I’s ‘Very Very Very’ looking sexy and cute on stage.

Image Source : V LIVE

She enjoyed her sweet birthday party. “I have no place to visit even though it’s my birthday. But I’m glad I spent my birthday with my fans. I am very happy “, said Suzy. Then came the birthday cake that the fans prepared. “My heart is crying happily. I’m really touched”, she expressed her gratitude to her fans.

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