Jung Yonghwa ‘The Package and Island Trio’ The Innocent Man Who Brings Laughter to The Viewers

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has returned to play in a drama after 3 years. Through the JTBC drama ‘The Package’ his acting as San Ma Roo stimulates laughter. Then in Olive TV ‘Island Trio’, he is paired up with Kang Ho Dong and Kim Hee Sun, being active as an innocent brother.

In 2009, Jung Yonghwa named as a youth representation star through the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, then became a musician with CNBLUE. He performs on stage and dramas to draw everyone’s attention with his charm and talent.

Image Source : tvN

People admire his great works in 2017. Jung Yonghwa who joined as a permanent member of the ‘Island Trio’, first broadcasted in May, showcases his artistic feelings with his unshakable dedication to Kang Ho Dong and Kim Hee Sun. In the short term, Kang Ho Dong’s love dominates the ‘Kang Line’.

In the drama, he acts as a charming Ma Ma Roo, who does not know where to go. The pre-production since last year’s drama ‘The Package’ is filled with the sensation of autumn and rose to the first rating on the 13th. He was misunderstood as a sexual harasser and detained at the airport. Jung Yonghwa flaunted his base and pretended to wear it with his own underwear. The expression was so funny that it made the audience laugh.

Image Source : JTBC

Looking at the merry-go-round, he felt depressed at the thought of his girlfriend. To help Lee Yeon Hee, who is in crisis, he acted as a Japanese and he also is good at taking photographs with a mono-pod wand. It was easy for him to fall into crisis, but his performance as a group of incidents became funny.

Jung Yong Hwa is in charge of giving laughter through an entertainment program on Monday and drama on Friday and Saturday. His comic appeal has made people attracted to him.