Drama ‘Meloholic’ Released Main Poster of Jung Yun Ho and Kyung Soo Jin

Drama OCN ‘Meloholic’ released 2 main posters featuring Jung Yun Ho and Kyung Soo Jin.

In the first poster depicted Jung Yun Ho and Kyung Soo Jin as a man and a woman who are in love. With long hair and a white canal, Kyung Soo Jin radiates a cool image through her smile, and Jung Yun Ho shows a shocked expression like having a secret hidden from the woman.

Image Source : OCN

Another poster shows Kyung Soo Jin who emits a super sexy aura with a seductive look. She seemed to be a different character with her glamorous makeup and her sensual pose. Jung Yun Ho is seen captured by Kyung Soo Jin, it makes his character look different.

The producer in charge of the drama said, “Jung Yun Ho, a man who knows the feelings of women very well and decides not to date, and Kyung Soo Jin, a woman who cannot date because of the double character she has, they meet and fall in love as fate which will bring a smile to your face through their sweet and easily understood story.”

Image Source : OCN

This is a romantic fantasy drama about a man who can easily date because of his strength and a woman who cannot date because of her double character. ‘Meloholic’ will air  every Monday-Tuesday on OCN at 9 pm and begins airing on November 6th.