‘Black’ Looking At The Extremely Handsome Guy, Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon greets the viewers through the OCN’s drama ‘Black’ which began airing on the 14th. In this drama, he acts as Han Moo Kang, a detective who has a cute and charming character.

However, due to his weak body he often gets rough treatment from his senior detective colleague Na Gwang Gyun (Kim Won Hae), and he is not good at handling murder.

Image Source : OCN

He was shot in the head when kidnapped, but he did not die. Grim Reaper Black borrowed his body and made him alive. “Careless. After all he is also human”, he said with cool, different character from before.

Even Moo Kang Il’s detective smiled for liking the character he describes, after miraculously reviving, his behavior cannot be predicted because in the process of adapting to the increasingly powerful human world. We want to know that Song Seung Heon is right. By giving the population number. “I am not a resident,” he replied. His appearance was different from the look of ‘stupid man’ like lifting the phone upside down.

Moo Kang looked awaiting someone by crouching and looking at the pedestrians, but as he did not see anything and started laughing out loud. When I was said to be a strange person, being naked and wearing only a long coat, I was afraid of the word ‘pervert’ and I got scolded by the senior detective. “Close it” he said. “Close? what should be closed. Am I a door?”, he said to make the audience laugh.

Image Source : OCN

The drama crew said, “Episodes 1 and 2 show a 180 degree change after the death of detective Han Moo Kang. Thanks to a fun story that causes this drama to get a good response. Looks like Song Seung Heon’s perfect talent is clearly visible in this work.”

Through the character ‘Black’, Song Seung Heon displays a variety of charms ranging from a pure charm to full of loneliness. ‘Black’ shows a rise in episode 2 rating as it displays the comedic acting transformation from Moo Kang to Black. The drama ‘Black’ airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 pm.