Hyeri and Suzy’s Friendship, Taking Photo Together During High School

Photos of popular idol stars Hyeri and Suzy as posing together as alumni attracted attention. On the 22nd, Hyeri uploaded two photos on her Instagram with caption “Looks like I got a beautiful photo.” In the photo, there is a picture of her attending the ‘2017 Grand Mint Festival’ held at Jamsil Olympic Park and Suzy’s photo on stage.

Image Source : SNS

In the photo that Hyeri uploaded, Suzy responded with “More action” and caught the attention of the fans. Within 12 hours the photo uploaded already has 80000 likes.

Image Source : SNS

The two beautiful woman are representatives of the entertainer born in 94. In addition they are also alumni from the same high school. In the photo, they look natural wearing the school uniforms which still becomes a hot topic. Netizens also put comments supporting their friendship by writing “you guys have a great friendship”, “Line 94 is fantastic”, “such successful close friends.”