Park Seo Joon Talks About His Ideal Type and His Real Character

Actor Park Seo Joon revealed that a woman who is organized is his ideal type. After 6 years of debut, Park Seo Joon held a fan meeting for the first time in Taiwan on the 21st. In an interview with Taiwanese media held the day before the fan meeting, Park Seo Joon got various questions like drama characters, his real personality and ideal type.

Image Source : KBS

Recently, Park Seo Joon played the role of Go Dong Man in KBS2 ‘Fight for My Way’. He managed to captivate many viewers by depicting the figure of a male friend and a cute lover. But unlike Go Dong Man, his real character is shy and insensitive. “When I received the script, I often thought if my personality like Dong Man it would be really fun”, Seo Joon said.

Responding to questions about his ideal type, he replied “I think that being organized is important so that if my partner is good at organizing, it will be very good for me. I’m also happy to be with someone who have the same interests and hobbies.” He also insisted he would not announce his relationship if he was dating. “My life is not mine alone. I do not want anyone hurt or uncomfortable because of me”, he delivered.

Image Source : Keyeast

In addition, in ‘Fight for My Way’ he plays as a martial athlete and for 2 months he trained so hard making his body becomes more muscular. “If we look at my body, the lower body, thanks to my parents’ genes, I have good hip line”, Park Seo Joon said.

Park Seo Joon’s fan meeting in Taiwan ended successfully, and he will hold his fourth Asian fan meeting in Singapore.