‘Two Cops’ Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri’s Intense First Meeting

Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri show their intense first encounter.

In MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Two Cops’ , which replaced ’20th Century Boy and Girl’ on the upcoming 11t, revealed the first meeting of Jo Jung Suk who plays the role of 1 person with 2 roles as detective Cha Dong Tak  and Gong Soo Chang and Hyeri who turns into a social reporter Song Ji An has attracted the attention of the audience.

Image Source : People Story Company


Cha Dong Tak is a terrifying character who has a warm visual and is a deadly villain who has good body. He seems like to have everything except belief of justice. However, Gong Soo Chang who can be found in Cha Dong Tak’s body, is a cheater who steals money.

Song Ji An, a social reporter who will deal with two very different character 180 degrees, is a social affairs department reporter and an obsessive-minded person who only looking for news coverage.

Image Source : People Story Company

There is already an unusual atmosphere between Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Suk) and Song Ji An (Hyeri), which is represented on the released photos. Dong Tak and Ji An, who seem to find out each other’s identity through their voices make viewers curious on what will happen in the future.

Not only that, there are many cases where they have to face each other because they are criminal and social reporters. There is hope for the chemistry the two leading characters will show.