‘Money Flower’ Jang Hyuk, The Return of Cool Kingmaker

After a long absence on the screen, Jang Hyuk finally makes comeback with a suit. In the drama ‘Money Flower’ he turns into a corporate lawyer and shows cool and charismatic look. Let’s see together his role in the drama ‘Money Flower’. Jang Hyuk has returned! Previously, viewers are mesmerized by his acting as various characters like a detective. In the drama ‘Money Flower’, Jang Hyuk plays Kang Pil Joo a cool kingmaker.

After the drama ‘Midas’, the viewers are curious about Jang Hyuk’s appearance on the screen wearing a suit that he has not shown for a long time. Through ‘Money Flower’, Jang Hyuk returns to meet Park Se Young after his having acted together in the drama ‘Beautiful Mind’. The drama ‘Money Flower’ starring Jang Hyuk will air on November 11th.