Song Seung Heon and Choi Siwon Adorn TV Screen On The Weekend

Cable tv dramas that began airing on October 14th OCN ‘Black’ and tvN ‘Revolutionary Love’ have captivated viewers with their stories.

Moreover, the dramas starring Song Seung Heon and Choi Siwon who increase the popularity of the dramas.

Image Source : OCN

Song Seung Heon showed 100% of his charm on the screen with his acting through the drama ‘Black’. He is free to express his character by balancing power. In this drama, he acts as a detective who is possessed by a spirit and has two souls. With his charismatic figure, Song Seung Heon’s appearance earned the nickname ‘Korean handsome man’ and he also showed humorous acting and made the viewers happy. He returns to comedy acting after 6 years ago starring in MBC drama ‘My Princess’.

Image Source : tvN

Two years ago, Choi Siwon acted in a comedy drama MBC ‘She Was Pretty’, now he’s back with his comedic acting. After completing his military service on August 18th, in the drama ‘Revolutionary Love’, Choi Siwon again shows his transformation as a 3rd generation Chaebol who hides his identity and lives as a poor person. Despite displaying excessive facial expressions and gestures, his handsomeness cannot disappear and he makes the viewers smile looking at his acting. Through the drama ‘She Was Pretty’ Choi Siwon’s acting ability has been recognized, and now his transformation in the drama ‘Revolutionary Love’ is deeply loved by the viewers.