3 Korean Celebrities Who Got Married To An Athlete

The romance between a celebrity and another celebrity would be familiar to the fans. But what if the romance exists between a celebrity and an athlete. This relationship can be somewhat unique because of they are in different field o that the intensity of their meeting will be less than the ones who are in a relationship with other celebrities. Here are 3 celebrities who have a relationship with an athlete and got married.

1. Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don

Image Source : C-Jes

Hwang Jung Eum and professional golfer Lee Young Don pronounced the sacred promise in early 2016 after dating for about a year. The relationship between Hwang Jung Eum and her boyfriend Lee Young Don was revealed when they were seen dating on December 8th, 2015. Seeing this, the agency of Hwang Jung Eum C-Jes immediately confirmed their relationship and stated that the couple was quite open about their relationship. They meet from friends’ connections together and are known to be open about their feelings. Previously, Jung Eum had been dating Kim Yong Jun from SG Wannabe and broke up after seven years. In February, Hwang Jung Eum announced happy news regarding her pregnancy. Hwang Jung Eum has given birth to a boy on August 15th, 20117.

2. Han Hye Jin and  Ki Sung Yueng

Image Source : Namoo Actors

Actress Han Hye Jin and soccer player Ki Sung Yueng announced their relationship in March 2013. The couple then decided to get married in July of the same year at the Intercontinental Hotel Seoul. They are a very well known couple in Korea. If Han Hye Jin is known through a series of top dramas, then her husband Ki Sung Yueng is a top footballer who takes part in the English Premier League and serves as captain of the South Korean national team. His football career is also remarkable as he just equaled the record number of Korean football legend Park Ji Sung. Hye Jin announced in February 2015 that she was currently pregnant with her first child. According to Jumong’s acting agency, they currently live in Korea.

3. Shoo and Im Hyo Sung

Image Source : Studio Wonkyu+

Shoo is a former member of S.E.S, the popular SM Entertainment girlgroup in the 90’s. Meanwhile, Im Hyo Sung is a professional basketball athlete. Both got married in April 2010. In Roommate 2, Hyo Sung revealed that he admires Shoo and begins to approach her through her best friend. Im Hyo Sung said that if his favorite celebrity is Shoo and put her picture in the dressing room as an encouragement, he even said he will marry her someday. Shoo had refused Im Hyo Sung but the husband never give up on her. Now both are blessed with a son and two cute twin daughters.