‘While You Were Sleeping’, Why Did Bae Suzy Cry in Front of Lee Jong Suk?

In SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Bae Suzy was seen weeping in front of Lee Jong Suk.

Earlier in the SBS ‘While You Were Sleeping’ drama preview, Bae Suzy dreamed of Lee Jong Suk being stabbed with a knife by someone, then early in the morning she immediately searched for Lee Jong Suk to tell her dream. The audience was intrigued by the fate that will be experienced Lee Jong Suk.

Image Source : SBS

On the 25th, the representative of the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ revealed that after Nam Hong Joo (Bae Suzy) dreamed of an injured Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk), she immediately approached the man. Jung Jae Chan who saw Nam Hong Joo finally calmed her down.

In previous episode, Nam Hong Joo dreamed of Jung Jae Chan who bought the ring and will cross the road to come to her. However, in the next dream Hong Joo dreamed of Jung Jae Chan being stabbed by a man dressed in black just before he crossed over. Hong Joo immediately awakened from the dream and sobbed, this scene also managed to make the audience sad.

Image Source : SBS

Later, photos of Hong Joo crying at Jae Chan’s house grabbed the attention of the audience. Jae Chan sat face to face with Hong Joo who was sobbing, her expression looking worried as she stared at Jae Chan.

In the next photo, Jae Chan stared at Hong Joo who cries with a warm glance, then stroked Hong Joo’s head and heard Hong Joo’s dream story calmly. After that, Hong Joo finally became calm thanks to Jae Chan. The audience are curious on what the two will do to change the dream.