‘Revolutionary Love’ Kang So Ra Touches the Hearts of Audience With Bitter Sweet Life

Every day, Baek Joon’s life gets a warm response from the audience due to her realistic thoughts and fate that also attracts a lot of audience sympathy and attention. Baek Joon has more busy days than just a full-time worker. She performs 3-4 jobs, ranging from construction workers, part-time workers, to delivering juice.

Image Source : tvN

In episodes 3 and 4, she cried because her parents asked her for a large sum of money, she made the audience crying too. In contrast to her cold words, the next month she must pay off the debt. Baek Joon returned home and read her mother’s note ‘I get money from the rich boy downstairs’, Baek Joon looked furious with Byun Hyuk. It makes viewers sad.

Image Source : tvN

Kang So Ra shows deep acting performance and emotion by transforming as Baek Joon. She received good responses from netizens. In the midst of a comment that supports the bittersweetness of Baek Joon’s life, stories about Baek Joon’s changes, Byun Hyuk, and Kwon Je Hoon will be revealed in episode 5.