Park Hyung Sik, Jung Yong Hwa, Im Siwan, and Do Kyung Soo, The Stunning Idol Actors

Now a lot of boy group members perform acting activities in several dramas and movies. For instance, Park Hyung Sik, Jung Yong Hwa, Im Siwan, and Do Kyung Soo. They are members of famous Korean boy groups. Park Hyung Sik and Im Si Wan are members of the group ZE: A, Jung Young Hwa is a member of the band CNBLUE, while Do Kyung Soo is a member of EXO.

Image Source : JTBC, KBS

Park Hyung Sik is a member of Korean boy group ZE: A. Park Hyung Sik made his acting debut in 2012. The drama that he starred has always been a hit among drama lovers. The drama that became his best drama was JTBC drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ and KBS ‘Hwarang’. In JTBC drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ he plays An Min Hyuk who has a love affair with Bong Son (Park Bo Young). While in the KBS drama ‘Hwarang’, Park Hyung Sik plays the role of Sam Maek Jong who is one of the knights of a young male elite group in the Silla kingdom.

Image Source : tvN, MBC

Jung Yong Hwa made his acting debut in 2009. Just like any other member of the CNBLUE, Jung Hwa’s acting skills are unquestionable. The most famous Jung Yong Hwa dramas are JTBC ‘The Package’, and MBC ‘Heartstring’. In the drama ‘The Package’ Jung Yong Hwa plays San Ma Roo, someone who travels to Paris with travel packages guided by Yoon So So (Lee Yeon Hee). While in the drama ‘Heartstring’ Jung Yong Hwa plays the role as Shin, a student majoring in applied music and has a love affair with Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye).

Image Source : MBC, tvN

Im Siwan made his acting debut in 2012. He became the main actor in several dramas he starred. As in MBC drama ‘The King in Love’ and tvN ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life’. In the drama ‘The King in Love’ he acts as Wang Won, a crown prince who is involved in a triangle love story with Eun San (Yoona) and Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun). While in the drama ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life’ he acts as Jang Geu Rae, a professional baduk player.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment

A member of phenomenal group EXO, Do Kyung Soo started his acting career in 2012. His acting skills in various dramas and movies are impressive. For example, he played in the movie ‘My Annoying Brother’ and ‘Room No.7’. In the movie ‘My Annoying Brother’ he acts as Ko Doo Young, a half-brother of Doo Sik (Cho Jung Seok). While in the movie ‘Room No.7’ he acts as Tae Jung, a student who works part-time in a screening room in Seoul.

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