FT Island Successfully Held Europe Tour For 10 Years Debut Anniversary

FT Island held a European tour and introduced ‘K Rock Sound’. On the 29th, FT Island held a concert at Volkswagen Arena Istanbul, Turkey entitled ‘2017 FT ISLAND LIVE [X] IN EUROPE’. ‘X’ tour was held in Europe after 2 and a half year since ‘FTHX’ tour in 2015. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, FT Island celebrated the moment with fans from all over the world.

Image Source : FNC Entertainment


In this tour, FT Island recalls the days that have passed with fans around the world, FT Island will continue to be active in the future after 10 years of activity. FT Island will feature spectacular stage shows, regardless of any genre such as’ Pray ‘,’ FREEDOM ‘,’ TAKE ME NOW ‘,’ Paparazzi ‘,’ PUPPY ‘,’ 1234, and ‘Out of Love’.

At the end of the show, they performed an emotional songs ‘Still With You’ and ‘Tree’. Fans showed their sadness and turned on the lights of the phone. The European tour ended with a beautiful view.

Image Source : FNC Entertainment

Lee Hong Ki as the vocalist conveyed, “During the European tour, I am really happy. Thank you for making a beautiful memory. All because of you guys, fans. We will definitely come back again, just wait.” This year FT Island celebrates their 10th anniversary by holding an ‘X’ concert in 6 cities like Moscow, Budapest, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Paris and Istanbul. They meet fans and show their power to the world.