‘Untouchable’ Released 4 Individual Posters Featuring Jin Goo, Kim Sung Kyun, Go Joon Hee, and Jung Eun Ji

JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama  ‘Untouchable’ is a well-made action drama that tells of two brothers named Jang Joon Seo (Jin Goo) who lost his wife and Jang Ki Seo (Kim Sung Kyun) who help each other to uncover the evil truth about his family.

‘Untouchable’s party released 4 unique character posters. The complex feelings and psychology of characters Jin Goo (Jang Joon Seo), Kim Sung Kyun (Jang Gi Seo), Go Eun Ji (Seo Yi Ra), Jung Eun Ji (Seo Yi Ra) have attracted attention.

Image Source : JTBC

Jin Goo who plays Jang Joon Seo, the last son of Jang’s family has an angry look. Kim Sung Kyun who acts as Jang Ki Seo the first child in Jang’s family has to commit a crime to live and there is writing in his poster “I must be evil because I should not be weak.”

Go Joon Hee acts as Goo Ja Kyung, daughter-in-law of Jang’s family. The daughter-in-law who has mastered Bukchon has attracted attention with colorful and stylish fashion. The last one is Jung Eun Ji. She transforms into Seo Yi Ra, who begins to have conncection with Jang’s family. ‘Untouchable’ will replace ‘The Package’ and air on the 24th.