Kim Go Eun: “10 Years Living In China Helps My Acting Skills”

Kim Go Eun adorned the cover of Hong Kong’s fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’. Marie Claire Hongkong uploaded photo shoot Kim Go Eun on its official Instagram. In the photo shoot, Kim Go Eun smiles with a unique charm and looks feminine. Kim Go Eun gained great attention after a role in the drama ‘Goblin’ as a goblin bride named Ji Eun Tak. She also conducted an interview with Marie Claire, “I am grateful to play a role in Goblin. I also love to spend time as Eun Tak who seems to be loved more than I expected”, she said.

Image Source : Marie Claire

The most memorable scene for Kim Go Eun is when the two main characters meet back in Canada. “We visited Canada for the shooting of the scene when Eun Tak recalls her memories after 9 years. I remember it because the scene made me feel a bit overwhelmed and depressed because of psychological problems. The scene put a lot of pressure on the two main actors, but the feeling made me happy”, Go Eun shared her story.

Image Source : Marie Claire

Kim Go Eun said that staying in China for 10 years has had a huge impact on her acting performance. “I lived in Myilun, Beijing for about 10 years. It is a less urban area. Nearby, there is a large lake. I like riding horses and playing with puppies. The special experience of that time helped me improve my acting talent”, said Kim Go Eun.

Kim Go Eun said she has good Chinese language skills because she has experience living there. Kim Go Eun will play a role in Lee Joon Ik’s next film ‘Byeon Mountain’ as Sun Mi.