Jo Jin Woong, Ji Chang Wook, Shin Se Kyung, Good Examples of Special Appearance

Actor Jo Jin Woong, Ji Chang Wook, and Shin Se Kyung continue to shine even though they only take a small part of a film.

Their special appearance is literally a special performance. Jo Jin Woong in ‘The Outlaws’, Ji Chang Wook in ‘The Bros’, and Shin Se Kyung in ‘Preparation’ are great examples of great special performances.

Image Source : Megabox Plus M

First, Jo Jin Woong who made a special appearance as a team leader from Gyeongcheon police station in ‘The Outlaws’. He gives a big smile to the audience as a character who return detective’s brutality to the detective Ma Suk Do (Ma Dong Suk).

In particular, he focused his attention on different facial expressions like lifting his mustache when filming ‘Operation’. Jo Jin Woong showed his friendship by supporting Ma Dong Suk and director Kang Yoon Sung whom he had known for a long time.

Ji Chang Wook became a special cameo in ‘The Bros’. Currently he is undergoing military service. Ji Chang Wook plays the young version of ‘Chun Bae’, the father of ‘Seok Bong’ (Ma Dong Suk) and ‘Joo Bong’ (Lee Dong Hee).

Ji Chang Wook said that he participated in the film due to his relationship with director Jang Yoo Jung, and doubled the fun of the film by wearing a hanbok during the shoot.

Image Source : Opus Pictures

Shin Se Kyung also helps make ‘Preparation’ more popular. In ‘Preparation’, Shin Se Kyung acts as a kindergarten teacher Gyung Ran who has a one-sided love to In Gyu played by Kim Sung Gyoon. She adds a unique charm to the character of  Gyung Ran, someone who treats In Gyu with sincere warmth.